Purposeful Education And Christian Encouragement

PEACE Homeschool Group has been supporting homeschool families in Central Iowa for over 25 years.  We are dedicated to help you on your homeschool journey.  We have over 100 familes, representing a broad range of teaching styles.  Continue to scroll down to see some of our activities!

Activity Day

Activity day is a large cooperative time where families gather and have some structured classrooms settings and  P.E.
Older children have had options in the past such as automobile repair, speech,  U.S. Government, sewing, survival skills, etc.
There are scheduled times for fellowship for the teaching moms (or dads).


For several years PEACE has maintained 2 youth choirs. The younger choir ranges in age from 8-12, while the older choir is 12 and older. We have a dedicated instructor that meets with the choirs on a weekly basis. Typically, the choirs will have two concerts during a year. They will also do some special music for retirement homes and other venues.

Other Activities

Through the year, members have access to multiple field trips, family fun nights, talent nights and curriculum fairs. We enjoy being creative and are always open to new ideas for events that will inspire our children to learn.


As fellow homeschoolers we completely understand the need for support. We attempt to offer several ways for fellowship during the school year. These might be at Activity Day or Choir, where moms meet if they don’t have teaching responsibilities, or alternatively we host Mom’s meetings where fellowship and encouragement are the goal. We also have picnics and family fun nights, where you can fellowship with other families that are taking a similar homeschool journey.

So…….if this seems intriguing and you have more questions, please click on the contact us icon below, or in the menu bar. If you are ready to join, please click on the same.